You’re attending the awesome JOD event in sunny LA, and no doubt you’re loving life right about now.

We at ManageByStats didn’t make it, but we’re glad you did. JOD Ecom is a huge opportunity to amp your mojo, make connections and learn some great stuff.

We love the JOD energy. Though we couldn’t make the event we’re sponsoring their Wi-Fi, which gives us a chance to share some real cool stuff with those of you who did.

Nine out of ten JOD attendees do Amazon private label. MBS makes tools for Amazon private labelers, and those who use Amazon FBA. In fact, we’re the premier software solution for Amazon sellers.


For Amazon Sellers Who Want to Make More Profit

You’re here, passing through, having just enabled your Wi-Fi, but before you move on with your Internet experience we want to let you know about an amazing offer we have for you, as a JOD Ecom attendee:

50% OFF ManageByStats for 6 months!

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If your products are live and selling on Amazon, you’re making sales, your business is growing, but it feels a little out of control - and profits aren’t where you want them to be? You want to make more sales, make more profit, and grow your business without having to spend even more time?

"there has to be a better way."

You’re likely running your business with multiple tools and spreadsheets trying to keep everything together.

You think, “there has to be a better way.”

When my Amazon sales started taking off, there wasn’t. So I put together a team of talented software developers and built what I needed to run my business. Finally, I could breathe again.

For the first time, I saw the true profits from my Amazon sales. I saw exactly what was happening with the traffic and conversion rate for each of my products. And I didn’t have to hire anybody to manually do it.

100% automated.

“Can you give me access to your tools?”

Within months, I had friends - fellow Amazon sellers - asking me if they could get access to my tools. I had never thought of that...I just built them to solve a need for myself. So I gave them access. And that’s when I saw the huge changes happening in businesses because of what I’d built.

Fast forward to today and ManageByStats is, in my humble opinion, the most comprehensive single suite of tools to manage your Amazon business.

Over the past 4 years, we’ve built 25 powerful tools to help increase your sales, increase your profits, and save you time selling on Amazon.

Founder: Philip Jepsen
My team and I have created what we believe to be the absolute best set of software tools out there for managing your Amazon business.

Multiple Powerful Tools in One

Over the past 4 years, we’ve built 25 powerful tools to help increase your sales, increase your profits, and save you time selling on Amazon.

See Your True Amazon Profits: Create a Custom Dashboard in Seconds!

Want to know your profit today, yesterday, or this month? How about your conversion rate for your top products and daily traffic for each listing? See that and more with your own custom dashboard you can setup in minutes with ManageByStats.

Get an Accurate Picture of Where the Money is Going: Easy Accounting and Financial Analysis

Access accurately reconciled financial breakdowns. See the real picture of your Amazon finances for any date range.

See graphs to visually spot trends in your Amazon business so you can act to increase sales and profits.

Keep Your Inventory In-Stock, Just-in-Time

The best way to keep sales rolling in day-after-day on Amazon is to make sure you keep inventory in stock for all your top selling products.

We’ve built a custom inventory forecasting algorithm so you never run out of stock again.

See how much inventory you have in stock for all your products and when you’re going to run out so you know when to re-order and how much to buy. Zero setup required. We do all the work for you to make you an expert at managing your inventory.

Multiple Seller Accounts and All Amazon Marketplaces All in One Place

Have multiple seller accounts? See them all in ManageByStats.

Sell in multiple Amazon marketplaces around the world? See them all in ManageByStats.

Run your entire empire right from one platform, one login, and easily see your sales, profits, traffic, inventory, ads, and more.

Get More Reviews and Seller Feedback: Automated Amazon Customer Emails

More reviews on Amazon means more sales. What still works best - and is 100% Amazon Terms of Service (TOS) compliant - is asking customers who buy from you for reviews.

With our SellerMail tool, you can automate this process. Setup a few customer follow-up emails in minutes and watch reviews and Seller Feedback roll in day-after-day.

This one feature can save you hours a day, grow your sales, and make your business more predictable.

Make More Sales and Profit from Sponsored Products: Advertising Manager

Amazon advertising has now become a multi-billion dollar ad market. As you know, if you’re not using Sponsored Products advertising as a seller, you’re missing out.

We’ve built a custom Advertising Manager tool inside ManageByStats to make analyzing your ad campaigns easy.

You can see the true profit of your ads. We provide ready-made Views to see which campaigns, ad groups, and keywords are costing you money and which are making you money.

Set your target ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) and you can see how your ad campaigns compare to what you need to be profitable. Automatic bid adjustments can be turned on after setting a target ACoS so your advertising campaigns scale profitably, automatically.

Grow Your Team with Multiple Users for the Same ManageByStats Account

Every ManageByStats account includes a primary account user and one additional user for free.

Give access to the account, or only certain parts of the account, to someone on your team or an external consultant.

Keep your data secure while giving your team the freedom to help grow your business.

Find Your Top Customers Fast: Searchable Amazon Customer Database

For any product you sell, you have people who have bought your product on Amazon two, three, maybe even four or five times. Those are your valuable repeat buyers. They can help you test new products, give you valuable feedback, and are the most likely to review your products on Amazon.

With the Customer Database tool of ManageByStats, you can pull a list of repeat buyers - or any custom list of your Amazon customers - in seconds. You can even follow up with them specifically using the SellerMail tool with the click of a button.

Big brands intelligently segment their customer list for targeted promotions and follow-up. Now you can too, instantly, with ManageByStats!

Tracking Keyword Rankings for All Your Products Automatically

On Amazon, keyword rankings are the #1 factor for how much traffic your product listings get.

We’ve built a specialized Amazon keyword rank tracking tool so you know exactly where your products rank for which keywords 24/7 without having to manually search on Amazon.

See how your keyword rankings are impacted by changes you make to your listing and target your advertising to rank higher organically.

Discover Your Next Hot Product: Product Finder

Ready to launch your next hot product under your brand? Or, want to launch an entirely new brand in a new category?

Our Product Finder tool has over 1,125,510 Amazon products in a live database, updated every day.

Discover new products from the Marketplace. See the most accurate estimate of sales for each product so you know you’re picking a product that will grow your business. Search the full database of products instantly by:

  • BSR
  • ASIN
  • Reviews
  • Rating
  • Price
  • Sales Price
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Weight

Finding the hottest products to sell on Amazon has never been this easy and accurate.


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ManageByStats users have made over 280 million sales on Amazon since using our suite of tools. We have sellers from over 22 countries selling in 12 Amazon marketplaces including:


When you join ManageByStats, you’re joining an elite group of top Amazon sellers representing over 1% of Amazon’s 3rd party seller revenue.



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Each level of ManageByStats comes with a free 14-day trial. After your trial, you continue using this powerful suite of tools for a low monthly fee. Cancel anytime. No contracts. No obligations.



profit dashboard
Follow Up Email Autoresponder
– 30,000/Mo
keyword tracking
– 1,500 Keywords
supports multiple seller accounts
(5 seller accounts)
PPC Management Tool
Supports All Amazon Marketplaces
Customer Database
Transactions Database
Additional Users
- 5 included
See more features included
Product Finder Tool
custom audience generator
Feedback collection & monitoring
review collection & monitoring
full statistical financial breakdown
graphs trend view
inventory management
Product Tagging
bulk email system (sellerBlast)
free chrome extension
university training videos
administrator & guest user management
affiliate system

I look forward to helping you free up your time and grow your Amazon business.

Founder of ManageByStats